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Welcome to Educational Coloring Pages, where parents, teachers and children will find coloring pages, home school resources, coloring alphabet, coloring digits, calligraphy for kids for kids, crosswords, geometric shapes and much, much more ... Enjoy these free educational coloring book pages. Great printable coloring books that teach a lesson! We are working very hard on more educational coloring pages. Check back soon for all your favorite free color pages!

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Here is our selection of eduacational coloring pages for your kids to enjoy. More... Educational Coloring Pages
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The world is colorful ever since our existence on this planet, Earth. But have you ever thought that why kids get excited and amazed by the sight of rainbow and why they like coloring pages and walls of the house. Kids get friendly with the colorful surroundings around and this is the reason why kindergartens and primary schools exhibiting colorful displays on walls as well as on the notice boards, and even in the library you will find mostly educational coloring books for kids. Kids can sense, feel and learn colors from the natural sources easily. The imagination of a kid can be depicted through the impression of images and pictures on coloring pages. The sense of freedom comes with the active mode of creation the world of their dreams. They love drawing, coloring and decorating the things around, and even indulging to do fun and play at the peak of happiness.